Monday, January 26, 2015

7 months | baby

Another month in the books and I am still in disbelief. I probably will be until Bug is an adult. :)
Seven month stats--

Weight: 11lb 4oz (according to the scale at the mall)
Length: 61cm (according to the mall ruler--just over 24 inches)
Nicknames: Bug, Buggie
Sleep: She was kind of all over the place this month. I think she had a growth spurt AND she developed a sensitivity to being put in her crib. This has meant a number of nights took an hour or more to get her to fall asleep in bed. Other nights it meant she was up every 2-3 hours. No bueno!
She has been napping consistently in our bed which makes for a happier baby overall. Once she starts getting mobile we will work on transitioning to the crib at nap time. 
Eating: Still only breast milk which is a big milestone for us! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll at least make it to a year. We have begun baby-led weaning in small steps since we're waiting on her high chair to arrive. She has tried apple/applesauce, orange, honeydew melon, cucumber, and mashed potatoes so far (and loved them all). In fact, she does a lot of yelling/crying if I take food away before she's finished.
Clothing: While she's skinny enough to fit 0-3mo clothes, they're all too short. I've officially upgraded her daily clothes basket to all 3mo items. I have a feeling she'll stay on the petite side like her mama. 
Mood: Generally happy! Still very much a "hold me" kind of baby (which we do oblige most of the time). Smiles all the time, laughs occasionally, and loves screeching and other silly sounds like growling and blowing raspberries. 
- playing with the piano and stacking cups she got for Christmas 
- putting everything in her mouth
- dancing around the house
- when we say "how big is baby? SO big!"
- anytime Dad or Big Sis come around
- sucking on pieces of fruit/trying to grab EVERYTHING I am eating
- tummy time, always and forever 
- being left alone for any amount of time unless she's in the pack and play or I slip out of the room when she's on her play mat
- not being in the middle of the action, whatever the action is
- when a bite of food is taken away before she's finished with it
 What I want to remember/Milestones: 
- She rolled over once from back to front, but Hubs said it didn't really count because she was on the boppy (she rolled OFF the boppy). I say it counts. She could definitely do it on the floor or bed, but once she gets to a certain point she realizes her belly will be touching whatever surface she's on and quickly turns back over.
- I decided to give her a green bean at dinner one night as she was grabbing at my plate (I'm reading a book on Baby-led Weaning). She's not "supposed" to be able to just pop it in her mouth yet, but she did exactly that. The moment was definitely a baby-led heart attack for mom (even though she didn't choke or even gag, haha). 
- She's really come along socially and it is the sweetest thing ever when her face lights up with recognition. She's also doing great on her physical milestones, not really "behind" at all despite arriving early. It's crazy to see how quickly babies develop!
What I'm looking forward to: 
- Her figuring out how to negotiate her arm when she's turning from her back, and realize that the crawling position she has started getting in will actually get her somewhere one day.
- All the foods she has yet to try.
- Strengthening her core enough to sit up so she doesn't yell so much when I set her down. ;)

Monday, January 19, 2015


In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday:

Monday, January 5, 2015

6 months | baby

I've got a reflective post in the works, but for now, here are this month's stats--slightly less late than last month (a miracle!). The plus side of these, besides being fun to look back on and to help me weed through photos, is that they help with the baby book completion! It's so crazy how easily, and quickly, all the little things are forgotten. Also, how on earth is my baby on the downslope to one already?!
Six month stats--

Weight: 10lb4oz
Length: a little over 23in
Nicknames: Bug/Buggie, Nugget (occasionally, mostly my family)
Sleep: For several weeks she started waking up around 10pm so I would feed her (versus pumping), then she'd be down until sometime between 4:15-6:00am. Lately, she's been a bit all over the place but still waking 2 times per night on average. Most naps now happen in our bed with me laying down beside her (and slipping out when I need to get something done around the house).
Eating: Still getting in her regular 8 nursing sessions a day, sometimes 9. All me all the time, with the exception of a bottle or two per week. We'll probably be introducing solids next month to see how she takes to it. 
Clothing: 0-3mo onesies for bedtime, daytime is mostly 0-3 onesies/pants/rompers, and she is officially too tall for the 0-3mo footed onesies. The newer Carters 3mo footed outfits fit (for now), but the older ones are out. We had been gifted a pair of slipper booties, 0-6mo, but she never had the chance to wear them. She is a little string bean with long feet!
Mood: Getting better all the time! She still is very much a "hold me" baby, but her tolerating the wrap now helps a lot. She smiles and talks most of the day and is getting more "fun" every day. 
- "reading" books with mama
- playing with Sophie the Giraffe, her zebra, her baby doll, and her dinosaur from grandpa
- grabbing at everything and trying to eat it
- chomping on the teething necklace my mom gifted
- dancing around the house, especially to "Apple Bottom Jeans" (totally appropriate, haha)
- sleeping in the big bed during the day
- whenever Dad and Big Sis get home from work/school/anywhere
- being left alone if she can see me (or dad) walk away
- doing anything if it's close to bedtime and she skipped a late afternoon nap
- tummy time, still, and probably forever 
What I want to remember/Milestones: 
- She can roll from tummy to back like a pro! Slowly working toward back to front, but there's the whole tummy on the floor thing. 
- Her sweet gummy smile! First teeth are cute but I love little toothless grins the most. 
- She is really starting to explore the world more. She watches everything so closely and immediately puts new objects straight into her mouth. 
- She got her first taste of "real" food! We offered an apple slice to see what she would do and she loved it! She gummed it until there was no more juice left on the outside and yelled when I took it away. 
- Her first Thanksgivng! Obviously, she didn't join in on the eating but she did look super adorable in her turkey bib. 
What I'm looking forward to: 
- Her learning to flip over from her back. I think she will be so surprised! And I will be dreading actually having to prepare for a mobile baby and get baby-proofing!
- Seeing her personality develop--bits and pieces have definitely emerged already. 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas recap

There weren't any good opportunities for Santa photos, so we improvised. ;)
This year was our last Christmas in Japan as well as Bug's first (on the outside)! Shockingly, after two winters in a row of 220+ inches of snowfall, we didn't have a white Christmas. We got a good amount on the 23rd, but warm temps melted almost all of it. There were a few bouts of the lightest dusting on Christmas Day but not enough to really count. It's been really bizarre! (Of course, I'm not complaining about not having to drive around in the usual icy mess.)
We tried not to go overboard with presents, and I think we did a pretty good job. Santa brought Big Girl a design-your-own t-shirt kit and Bug got a baby piano. Both of them were pretty pleased, even if Santa's elves mixed up the gift tags (and even if most of the baby's toys were hand-me-downs I wrapped). ;)
We even managed to keep the grandparents from going too crazy! There were some new clothes, a few toys, and some stocking stuffers. It was more than enough to open without being overkill, there are still a few things rolling in from other relatives, and amazon gift cards for each of the girls that we're saving for later. (This also means I get to purge things to make room for the new without being the mean mom.) 
We, of course, baked cookies for Santa and spent Christmas Eve decorating them. I used this recipe and it was, indeed, a pretty great one. I'll definitely be adding it to my recipe book for next year and any other time I need cut out sugar cookies. 
Last year, we decided to forgo the typical Christmas dinner for a bunch of favorite sides and appetizers. This year we looked up recipes on Pinterest and went to town, which means it's officially a tradition now. Our menu was:
- oven toasted ravioli (easy and tasty!)
- soft pretzel bites with cheese sauce (these were a MAJOR keeper)
- monte cristo sliders (again, yum, though we left off the powdered sugar)
- teriyaki meatballs (had high hopes for these but they were sub-par. next time, i'd make them with beef and pork versus the turkey i did this time)
- taco cupcakes (kept this to a single layer of "cupcake" but they were really good!)
- cranberry brie bites (not terrible but not my favorite)
- peanut butter dip (REALLY rich--felt like you were getting a cavity with every bite, haha)
- caprese skewers (which we skipped because my grape tomatoes went bad--so sad)

Overall, Christmas was really nice but next year I'm definitely excited about the prospect of spending it with family. The military is great for taking us places we'd never live otherwise, but holidays are tough especially once you have kiddos (thank goodness for Skype!) 

How was your Christmas? Were you able to spend it with family? Did Santa bring you what you were hoping for?

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Have you heard Garth Brooks' latest single? I'd heard some rumblings but finally listened to it today when a Facebook friend shared his performance on Ellen. I have a soft spot for country songs, but this one was extra sweet. For anyone who's a mama, in any capacity, or wants to be--this will tug your heartstrings big time.

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