Wednesday, March 4, 2015

the big eight

Our Big Girl is officially eight years old! We celebrated over the weekend with a trip to the local aviation and science museum with two of her best buds from school. It was hilarious listening to them talk about everything as if they were so old/experienced. They cracked us up the whole time! After exploring for a few hours we sat down and enjoyed some Harry Potter-themed cupcakes then everyone got an "astronaut ice cream" to take home. For her school celebration, she and I ventured out to the 100-yen store and she picked up a bunch of things for goodie bags, and Hubs and I picked up some mini brownies from the commissary for a treat. It was a resounding success and she declared it "the best birthday ever!" (Score!)

It's so hard to believe that this little baby:

 has grown up into this tall lady:
When I first met her she was a new three-year-old and full of sass. She's always been a little chatterbox and before we parted ways that first day she asked me if I wanted to come over and spend the night (much to her father's embarrassment). She has blossomed from a precocious toddler into a very outgoing, confident, smart, and thoughtful big kid. It's not always been easy, but she has taught me so much over these past five years. I am so glad that she was the first to call me "Mom" and that she is such a loving big sister to our little Bug. We cannot wait to see the kind of girl she becomes!

Monday, March 2, 2015

baby | 8 months

Another month down and I am still amazed at how fast time flies. Some days feel long but, man, is this first year going by so quickly!
Eight month stats--

Weight: almost 12 pounds
Length: about 25 inches
Nicknames: Bug, Buggie, Little Peanut Girl
Sleep: Nighttime sleep is mostly the same, usually 7:45pm to around 4am then back to bed until around 7:00am. Naps are usually an hour and a half around 9:00 and a couple of 30-minute ones scattered throughout the afternoon. I wish she napped better in the afternoons but nothing really works to extend them so I work with what she gives me!
Eating: Still nursing 8-10 times a day and continuing the baby-led weaning adventure. She's been trying a lot of different foods, which I'll share more about later. She really enjoys food so far and you cannot drink anything in front of her without her begging to chew on your straw/top. It's been pretty amusing because, while babies put basically everything in their mouths as is, she can tell the difference between random objects and food and makes her desire to eat very well known!
Clothing: She's outgrown her Carter's 3mo footie onesies but can still fit in onesies/pants and old navy 3-6mo onesies/pants. When she's in a disposable diaper (versus cloth) she can still fit some 0-3mo items--such a skinny thing! I've started (attempting) to take advantage of some clearance items for summer/later in the year.
Mood: Generally happy but so clingy this month. She screams to the point of hysterics, red face and all, nearly every time I leave her field of vision! I ordered a ring sling last month and it's been a blessing. She likes it better than her other two carriers for around the house and sometimes popping her in there is the only way I can get anything done. Besides that, she smiles almost all the time, vocalizes a ton, and would jump/run around if she could whenever Dad/Big Sis get home or even just walk in the room.
- Dancing with mama
- Listening to baby genius radio
- Shaking her "cinnamon" (an old cinnamon bottle with some beads inside)
- When Dad pretends to eat her toes
- When Big Sis dances around/walks in the room/does anything
- Tummy time (I don't think this will ever get off the list), though she will occasionally tolerate it for a few seconds at a time if she's distracted by something else
- Being left alone/watching Mom walk away
What I want to remember/Milestones: 
- She's almost rolling over completely from back to front, just gets stuck on her arm still. It's tricky figuring out where it's supposed to go. ;)
- She can sit up on her own but still topples over after a little while. I let her practice in the middle of our bed a lot. She's not quite gotten the hang of putting out her arm to catch herself.
- She likes to stand up (supported) and will lunge from sitting into a crawling start position. She isn't able to hold herself up yet in that position, but I know it will be trouble once she figures it out. She definitely wants to move and basically only sits still if she's strapped in her carseat.
- She's started babbling a lot and says "ma-ma-ma-ma" clear as day! :) She's not quite connected it to any meaning yet, but we're getting there. ;)
- I want to remember how sweet it is when she's relaxing in the sling and I'm doing things around the house or out at the store. I want to remember how she can still fit on my lap and how she'll lean all the way forward to lay on me. I want to remember how precious her big toothless grin is, and bottle up her little baby giggle forever. I will be so sad when she's not my tiny little Bug anymore.
What I'm looking forward to: 
- Seeing her realize that she can be mobile on her own. I know she will be so excited--and we will finally have to baby-proof the house!
- Watching her grow. It has been so awesome to be home with her everyday up to this point and she gets more sweet and fun every month. It will never get old!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's weekend

As someone who's not really into holidays, I've never been that excited about Valentine's Day. Once you have children though, sometimes you have to at least pretend you're interested. ;)

I had originally contemplated homemade cards for Big Girl's class party (thanks, Pinterest) but knew I'd end up doing all of the work. Since moms of infants don't have time for much of anything, I was not about to add that to my to-do list. She requested something "popular" for girls and boys and I ended up getting a pack from How to Train Your Dragon 2--the most gender neutral while still popular option I could find that was candy-free. Of course, second graders don't care much when they've got a plethora of treats to enjoy. 

Hubs and I agreed, per usual, to skip the gifts. I hate spending money, I hate adding to the clutter in the house, and I frankly have no need for a stuffed animal or flowers/plant I will kill prematurely. Instead, he took off work the Friday before so we could have a little day date (with the baby, of course, because I'm not ready to trust her with a sitter). We ventured out to the mall for lunch at one of our favorite places and coconut bubble milk drinks (my new addiction). The weather was wonderful--we've been having a lovely mild winter after the past three insane ones--and it was so nice to have a relaxing day together. Once Hubs leaves his current unit life will get a lot crazier, so we are soaking up these opportunities whenever we can!
We decided to surprise Big Girl with some Valentine's celebrating. Friday evening I tried my hand at making crepes for the first time (success!) and in the morning served up a fun breakfast of crepes, strawberries, nutella, and homemade whipped cream--what's not to like? (Also, can I wake up to that one morning? Take note, Hubs. ;) ) For lunch we had a family date to a local conveyor belt sushi place, and for dinner we picked up a heart-shaped pizza from a cafe on base and ate it picnic-style while watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It was a fun family day!
And, of course, everyone's favorite Valentine had her picture taken a hundred times--which she was obviously super excited about.
Truly, though, she is so loved and we all were so excited to spend her first Valentine's Day (on the outside) reveling in how adorable she is!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

currently | february

Eating: A lot of new things. Recent favorites have been this refreshing pasta, this vegetarian chili, this veggie-packed soup, and these small-batch cookies.

Reading: Mostly articles I see in my facebook newsfeed--for better or worse--and these books. Thinking about making a Goodreads account but not sure if I want to maintain another social media account. Add in a big dose of baby books, too. These are Bug's current favorites--Hello, Bugs and Colors and Shapes.

Pinning: Endless PCS (military move) checklists, de-cluttering tips, baby activities, and (mostly healthy) recipes.

Working out: with Jamberri Fit. Home workouts targeted for mamas, that can be done at home with or without kiddos of all ages? Sign me up! (Plus, Kendall, the owner is my former barre teacher and a milspouse, too!) I love my Beachbody programs, and look forward to getting back into those, but for now with my crazy little Bug this is the easiest option to get back to moving.

Cleaning: Every surface in the house! Big Girl brought home sick germs last Friday and I'm super paranoid about the little one catching them. I'm also working on purging every room/closet in the house to get ready for our move. I am missing the days of being able to do it without a tiny human attached to me. ;)

Waiting: On the military to process everything we need to actually get the official moving process started. Luckily, we won't have to worry about a house right away and we at least have our car situation resolved--which is a relief. 

What are you up to this month?

Monday, February 2, 2015

video | mom's first birthday

Have you seen this? (I might have shared it before.) Pampers Japan put it out last year. Watching it while pregnant meant waterworks, but now it means even more. What a journey this first year of motherhood is. What a journey is yet to come. 

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